Tai Chi and Chi-Kung classes

We aren’t running any Tai Chi classes at the moment, so why not buy our DVD so you can practise at home.

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Benefits of Tai-Chi and Chi-Kung

Tai-Chi and Chi- Kung are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine that focuses on the flow of energy around the body.  The movements are gentle and easy to learn, and some can even be performed seated.  Scientific research has found that Tai-Chi and Chi-Kung can help improve health: for example, a study published in the Arthritis Care & Research Journal in 2011 found that Tai-Chi helped to ease lower back pain.

As well as helping arthritis and joint pain, Tai-Chi and Chi-Kung can reduce blood pressure and improve breathing and joint mobility, not to mention using almost every muscle in the body in a gentle way.  It promotes a wonderful feeling of peace and relaxation, which in turn reduces stress.   It will improve your memory and concentration and give you a zest for life.

What Chi-Kung looks like

If you’ve ever wondered what a Chi-Kung sequence looks like, take a look at this video of Karen and students performing a sequence – this was taken at our April retreat, and read more about what Tai-Chi is here.

About Karen

Karen is an advanced teacher who has taken students to practise Tai Chi in China. She was the featured instructor in the Spring 2013 edition of Tai Chi Chuan magazine – click here to read the article.

Karen demonstrating 8 Ba Duan Jin (Bend the Bow to shoot the Arrow)