One-to-One Somatic Coaching

Somatics 121 - figures in circlesKaren offers one to one Somatic Movement Education sessions at her clinic in Newton.

Learn how to alleviate, prevent, and even reverse chronic physical complaints that we often mistake as an inevitable part of life as we age.

Somatic movements have their roots in the Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais and neuromuscular retraining. They teach the brain how to re-educate the muscles to let go of chronic tension brought about by habits, injuries or accidents. They are gentle, natural and remarkably effective!

Learn how to release stress, trauma, pain, stiffness, aches, limited flexibility, weakness, loss of energy, and incorrect breathing patterns.

Karen will coach you in specific Somatic movements, which are self-initiated and self-regulated with awareness, tailored to your individual needs.

Please contact us to book an appointment.