About Somatics – what is it?

What is Somatics?

Somatic Movement involves a series of specific exercises that reconnect the brain with the muscles so you can let go of tightness in the body. The movements are slow and mindful, and are performed on the floor, so your body is more comfortable and isn’t fighting against gravity.  No pain = more gain!

Who is Somatics for?

Anyone who has chronic pain, aches and pains or stiffness, or who wants to keep their body youthful! It doesn’t matter how old you are or how fit you are. The classes also help to improve your Yoga, Pilates or other sports.

What’s the difference between Somatic Yoga and Yoga or Pilates

Yoga and Pilates can also help with pain, but somatic exercises are performed slowly and are mostly floor-based, so you’re not having to hold up your body.   Somatic Movement also provides a sensory feedback loop from the brain: you’ll teach your brain to notice when muscles are contracted, and then educate the muscles to fully release and work in a more energy-efficient and pain-free manner.

Somatics is not just about stretching and strengthening either: the problem isn’t that the muscles are short or weak, it’s that they’re exhausted from being constantly over-contracted. Once your muscles have been released and retrained in how to move correctly, they will then become naturally strong again.

You’ll find that somatic movement will improve your Pilates or Yoga too – you’ll be able to move deeper and further, and with greater ease too.

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How will Somatics help my pain?

Somatics addresses the root cause of WHY you are in pain and teaches you HOW to reverse it.

When a muscle has been contracted over a long period of time, the brain accepts this as “normal” and doesn’t know it’s contracted – this is known as muscle motor amnesia. You are in pain because the muscles are constantly over-contracted, causing them to be weak and tired. These contracted muscles can then compress the joints and trap nerves, causing further pain. Your body tries to compensate, changing the way you move and using other muscles instead, which sets up a further pattern of pain.

The specific somatic movements “wake up” the brain to the reality of the contracted muscles, and retrain them to release and move in a more efficient and pain-free way!

Once this happens, every day movements will seem much easier, you’ll be able to take up those hobbies that you had to put on hold because of pain and stiffness, and you’ll no longer have an excuse not to do your chores! You will be able to enjoy playing with the kids (or grandkids) and will achieve greater results in your sport and fitness training. You will look and feel younger as you move more freely.


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