Why you should come to us

Are you a BETE (Been Everywhere, Tried Everything)?

We help injuries, however you came by them, and many of our clients come to us in desperation, having been everywhere and tried everything – BETEs!

Getting to the root cause of your pain

Crucially, we address the cause of the pain, not just the symptoms. To achieve this, we conduct a complete neurological check, and test your joint and muscle functions and range of movement We also take an extremely thorough case history – we know the questions to ask to understand how your pain could have arisen. You can be confident that we can identify what is causing you pain, and then start working straight away to resolve it.

Personal attention

Our expert assessment tools are our hands and our eyes, and during a session, you will receive our undivided personal attention.

Preventing further injuries

We also offer you a unique method of injury prevention – we understand how the environment and our lifestyle can cause physical injury, and 90% of our cases involve some kind of neck and/or lower back condition, which could often have been avoided.

Bespoke personalised programme

To aid your recovery and prevent further injuries, we’ll formalise your unique programme for home use. We’ll go through it with you so that you feel confident doing the exercises yourself.

Proud of our reputation

We value our reputation, so we won’t keep seeing you unnecessarily. All injuries and patients respond differently, but most of our patients need a course of 3-6 sessions, and many start seeing some benefit after the first one.

Access to a network of other specialists

We have access to a range of specialists we can refer you to if we think we can’t help you, or you need attention from another expert.