Improve Your Sports Performance

Many sportsmen and women spend vast amounts of energy training in their particular sport to be the best they can be.

A pre-event and post-event massage can greatly enhance your sports performance by keeping your body in tip-top condition.

Massage prepares the body for any event and allows the body to recover more quickly and fully after exertion.

In the case of an injury, remedial massage and applied mobilisations and stretches are so important in returning you quickly to your sport.

We also offer Body MOTs and advice on programmes to support your sport.

We are experienced in treating World Class Athletes, so contact us today for:

  • Pre and post event treatments
  • Sports programmes
  • Sports injuries
  • Rehabilitation

We understand the importance of sport and keeping active, and can empathise with you if you feel you are not performing at your best.

We also offer one to one yoga sessions.