How Somatics Can Stop Your Pain

So you’ve done all the exercises and abstained from various activities, but you’re still in pain.

You’re feeling depressed because you’re missing out on life and think, “Is this it?  Is this how I’m going to be? Have I just got to accept it and muddle through as best I can?”

Painkillers are a normal daily practice for you and have stopped being as effective at getting rid of the pain. They leave you feeling tired and fuzzy-headed. You want to come off them, but can’t.*

Are you finding that you can’t get rid of the pain, no matter what you do or who you see?

Well here’s some good news, do you want to know the missing ingredient?

Compare everything you’ve tried to relieve your pain to amending a document on your computer…

You need to save it in the memory so it saves the changes permanently!  The exercises you’ve tried haven’t been saved, but Somatic Movement Education will do this.

Somatics engages your brain and helps you to re-educate your body to move freely and painlessly. You’ll learn to release and reverse chronic pain patterns.  Somatics registers and saves these changes within the muscles at brain level!

The brain controls everything! This is the most important information you will ever hear!

That’s the difference that makes the difference!!

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* According to a November 2015 BBC Horizon programme, 4 million people are taking painkillers from the same family as heroin.  These are addictive painkillers, and the NHS now offers detox from drugs (BBC Horizon ‘The Truth About Exercise’, screened on 2nd November and available on the BBC website for a short time, see