Feel Great with Karen and Kev’s Yoga Classes

Come to yoga classes with Karen and Kev to feel better, get fit, tone up and chill out!


Yoga combines physical movements with breathing and meditation techniques. It stretches the muscles and connective tissues, allowing a better range of movement of the joints and spine. In fact, yoga is the only system that stretches and mobilises the spine completely through its full range, so is perfect if you suffer from aches and pains or little niggles. It also strengthens, lengthens and tones the muscles, massages the internal organs, improves balance and concentration and is a cardio-vascular workout to boot. All in all, you’ll feel great after coming to do yoga with us!

Our friendly and welcoming classes offer something a little bit more as well as we’re both pain-relief therapists, treating a range of musculo-skeletal problems, such as bad backs, neck and hip pain. We understand what can go wrong with the body, and how yoga can help. Karen is also a remedial yoga therapist – using yoga to treat a range of illnesses and injuries – and offers one to one yoga sessions too.

Our classes are during term time only and are suitable for all levels and abilities – we can suggest modifications to the yoga postures where necessary too.  We also offer specialist Yoga for Cyclists and Somatic Yoga classes.

You can view our class timetable at http://www.mabconsultants.co.uk/yoga – to come along to a class, please contact us (you can call Karen on 07775 655 539 or Kev on 07817 547 558).