What our clients say about Yoga with us

“As I approach 60 years I would like to voice that yoga helps keep the body supple and healthy, and helps keep age-related problems at bay.   It is a discipline I have practiced for many years.   Practising yoga on a constant basis gives you poise, strength – both mental and physical – the mental aspect gives one great inner quiet, equips one for life’s problems and helps you overcome them especially using the breathing techniques and the physical aspect to yoga helps in many forms, from balance to a fuller range of body movements to concentration” (Caroline, Nottingham)

I’m in my fifties and have been practising yoga with Karen and Kev for 10 years now. I know that not only has it made me more supple than I was when I started, I am also far better able to cope with the stresses life throws my way. I love every class and feel great in every way when I have completed a session. I would thoroughly recommend yoga to anyone of any age or level of fitness.  (Lynda, Nottingham)

I wish I had started earlier, but at an earlier age, I thought yoga was for older people, how wrong I was!  I have learnt to switch off and enjoy the time learning the great benefits of yoga.  Thank you

Thank you Karen and Kev for helping me to relax my body and my mind.  I can do without many things in my life but it would be a poorer place without my yoga and all the other benefits that have come through that over the years.” (Anne, Bingham)

Yoga really helps me to remain calm, get perspective on life and function mentally and physically.  Don’t know what I’d do without it! (Anne, Wiverton)

I feel I have benefited physically from yoga and consider myself fit and active for me age.  My intention is to continue in this way.  Yoga improves my mood, leaving me feeling energised after class. (Barbara, Nottingham)

Yoga works for me.  If I feel panicky, I know how to breathe to help alleviate it.  If I have any back twinges, I know what exercises will help me get out of it.  It keeps me supple. (Fiona, Nottingham)

I have been coming to yoga classes for nearly ten years – initially I was a nurse, and it helped me relax and feel less stressed.  I enjoy Karen’s teaching methods which encourage effort without pressure to compete.  It is stressed that yoga is an individual activity and we work to our own ability. (Hazel, Radcliffe-on-Trent)

Over the last two years, I have come to love the yoga lessons with Kev.  It is great to discover how much more flexibility I have, and this continues to improve.  I love the way Kev explains the reasons for the positions (i.e. which part of the body will benefit). (Penny, Nottingham)

Yoga is fab! I look forward to our class and really try not to miss it.  I feel during the time I have been doing yoga I have progressed a lot and feel much more flexible and stronger as a result.  Thanks Kev. (Sue, Gamston)

I am amazed at how I am able to try the more challenging exercises and improve.  Karen and Kevin are so supportive and encourage their students to try within their capabilities.  I never feel that I can’t do an exercise, and by trying my best, I am succeeding to the best of my abilities. (Valerie, Radcliffe-on-Trent)

Yoga is one of the best things I do. I haven’t been doing it for that long – two years approximately, and I am only sorry that I didn’t take it up years ago. The benefits are hard to quantify,  but I am definitely more supple and find the breathing and relaxation very beneficial. It’s fun and it’s good. (Gill, Bingham)

As Albert Einstein once said ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over & over & expecting different results’. Being an active person and looking to have an edge over my opponents, I thought long and hard about the above statement and decided that maybe another way to improve my fitness would be to take up Yoga – a step far removed from my normal more energetic activities!  So, with the aid of Kev Green from Mind and Body Consultants, I embarked on a programme aimed at increasing my flexibility.  Wow! talk about mind & body – my body certainly didn’t like some of the poses and my mind wasn’t so sure about holding them for as long as Kev instructed!!  However, Kev was very sympathetic to the obvious limitations of my body, but also gave me plenty of encouragement, enabling me to get the best out of the programme.  With perseverance and regular practice, I moved from only enjoying the corpse pose, to gaining several unexpected insights:

The challenge of how far I could stretch in different directions

My body letting me know which parts required extra work

The melting and unravelling of tissue as it is pushed gently to its limits

The fascination of the spirals of muscle activity as you twist and turn

The reality of how the whole body really is affected by any movement

So, what a bonus, not only is Yoga making my body more functional, but it has also brought an awareness that will be very useful when transferred to my own massage business.

Finally, two things are for certain – I would definitely recommend Mind & Body Consultants, and… the Corpse pose is still (& and probably always will be) my favourite!!! (Jan, Sutton-in-Ashfield)

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