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Somatic Yoga Class

Somatic Yoga in Gunthorpe and Radcliffe-on-Trent
The Somatics classes we run are called Somatic Yoga classes, but they are quite different to a standard Yoga class, where we focus on improving your strength and flexibility – we run plenty of regular Yoga classes, so please take a look at our timetable to find one that suits you.

Somatic Yoga is ideally suited to those suffering from chronic pain or discomfort – students who come to Somatics may be suffering from:

  • aches and pains such as neck or shoulder pain, pain when walking, for example
  • stiffness
  • limited flexibility
  • tightness in the hips
  • weakness or a feeling of imbalance (often on one side of the body in particular).

If this sounds like you, then we have two classes to choose from:

One-to-One Somatic Coaching with Karen

Karen offers one to one Somatic Movement Education sessions at her clinic in Newton so please contact us to book an appointment.

In your sessions, Karen will coach you in specific Somatic movements, which are self-initiated and self-regulated with awareness, tailored to your individual needs. She’ll also produce a personalised programme for you to do at home.

You’ll learn how to alleviate, prevent, and even reverse chronic physical complaints that we often mistake as an inevitable part of life as we age.