Pain Relief Therapy

Kev uses the Full Movement Method (FMM) in his treatments – it’s a unique approach to resolving many muscle and joint malfunctions and aches and pains within the body by aiming to restore movement that has been lost from childhood. It uses a combination of deep tissue remedial massage, joint mobilisations and applied Yoga to release tight/stiff joints and restore full movement and relieve pain. Often when clients come to see us, they say “you are my last hope, I’ve been everywhere”.

Your appointment with Kev consists of a thorough spinal, joint and soft tissue assessment, along with any other neurological tests deemed necessary to get to the root of the problem.

Once he has identified the problem, he will then draw up a plan which usually consists of:-

  1. Deep tissue massage to start the healing process, breaking down adhesions and bringing fresh blood to the site of injury, or he may work around the injury.
  2. Assisted hands-on yoga stretching to the prepared tissue and/or joints (Kev is a trained yoga teacher too, which is all part of FMM and its uniqueness)
  3. Mobilisations to vertebrae and/or joints
  4. Further techniques unique to FMM
  5. Re-testing the tissue/joint range of movement and/or level of pain and discomfort
  6. Working through with the client any necessary exercises/stretches that need to be done in between sessions.

Often a “symptom” can be a result of a problem which is much further away from the site of pain that the client is suffering from.   For instance a pain in the outside of the elbow joint (tennis elbow) can be as a result of compression in a vertebrae in the neck.   Sometimes this can be difficult for a patient to understand when they come for elbow pain and we start treating their neck!   This is why Kev takes time to explain to clients what is happening in the body and why.   This understanding in turn helps the client to take part in their own healing process.

Kev addresses injuries however you came by them.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a sports injury, or an accident, or maybe you got over-enthusiastic in the garden!  We can tailor the session to suit your needs and use the best methods to aid your quick recovery.

After each appointment, Kev always re-tests to see how your body has responded, and makes any re-adjustments needed.   Just like when you take your car to the garage, he will investigate and fine tune your body so you can get the best from it.   Sometimes this may mean that he needs to suggest adjustments to the way that you do things in your everyday life so they become easier for your body.   Kev will always encourage you to carry on enjoying your leisure pursuits where possible, but we may need to look at how you can use your body differently and more efficiently.

We do not do “one size fits all”  – Kev prides himself on treating you as an individual as there are many other factors that could be affecting your health that are individual to you. Emotional trauma for instance can cause real physical discomfort in the body.  So burdens that you feel you are carrying in your life can give you a real “pain in your shoulder or neck”.   Kev is trained in such areas (which have their roots in yoga) to help you put a new perspective on life and maybe suggest something which you have not tried before which can help alleviate these emotional physical symptoms.   You are not just your body.   Your body often speaks your mind!

So whether you are a BETE (been everywhere, tried everything) or not, contact Kev to make an appointment and start feeling better.