The Triangle Pose – Trikonasana

KevGreenThis is a very effective side bend that opens through the side of the waist and intercostal, so
  • helps with breathing,
  • stretches the inner and back of thighs,
  • tones the front of the thigh,
  • helps to align knee joint through the patella groove,
  • rotates the neck,
  • aids scapula movement,
  • stimulates the nervous system,
  • aids digestion,
  • opens the chest and…
  • is a balance pose as you look up towards your hand. 

Note – be sure to side bend and don’t be tempted to rotate forward, keep top hip up towards the ceiling and chest facing the wall.

This can be modified with the front knee bent and arm tucked behind the back and head looking down.

What more could you want from a great asana! With regular practice can also slim the waist!