That’s not where the pain is!

We often hear this when treating a client with pain, but often, the pain you are experiencing is not the root cause, and the symptoms can be a result of trauma much further away.  The pain in your foot might be coming from your neck, for example, or the tingling in your toes from your lower back.

But it’s not just a physical problem that can cause pain either!  Emotions can create a whole host of uncomfortable symptoms where seemingly no physical reason is apparent.

During an initial consultation with us, as well as taking a thorough medical history, we also ask about the client as a person.  Not because we’re nosy, but because your life and who’s in it, your job, hobbies and relationships all affect you and make you who you are and what you experience.

I once had a client with intermittent back pain, necessitating a lot of time off work.  On examination, the musculature was extremely hard around his lower back and extending up to his neck.  After a few sessions of hands-on treatments, it disappeared.  The problem was it kept returning, so I felt it was time to change tactics.

At our next session, with careful questioning, it became apparent that this man really did not like his job at all!  In fact, he hated it!  It was a step down from what he was qualified to do, he was not doing the job he was passionate about, he was not feeling fulfilled, he was not feeling proud of himself.  The job wasn’t that well-paid either and he felt like he was letting his family down.  He was in debt too and felt ashamed and hadn’t told his family.  He actually said, “I’m breaking my back to earn a living!”.

After our “chat” and discussing some ideas, the first thing he did was to tell his family the truth, which was a huge weight off his back!  He had so much support from them and they encouraged him to return to studying and do a short course in his preferred field to top up the skills he already had.  Within six months, he found a job he loved and began to pay off all his debts.  Consequently I have not treated him for back pain since!

There are many causes of pain, but don’t underestimate how emotional ones can manifest.

Here are 8 Tips to help you if you are in pain:

  1. You probably already know what’s causing the pain if you allow yourself quiet time.
  2. Don’t get so stuck in your “busy-ness” that you ignore looking after yourself.
  3. Be more body/mind aware – take up yoga/Tai-Chi, Mindfulness/meditation, dancing or walking.
  4. Tell the truth to those around you – things are better out in the open and will bring relief.
  5. Do what lights you up and feels “right” for you.  Follow your passion and dreams.
  6. Make time for fun: laughter is great for pain, it releases feel-good endorphins.
  7. Take action to resolve the problem before it gets chronic. Don’t ignore that little “niggle”.
  8. Seek professional help.

Kev and Karen are happy to chat with you to see how we can help so please contact us – we are experts in the field of mind and body health and offer 1 to 1s and classes.