Spring Living – be in balance with the seasons

Spring officially starts on 20th March so hopefully we’ll soon be able to put our woollies, hats and gloves away and look forward to warmer weather and lighter nights.

Living in balance with the Seasons is about being connected to the natural rhythms of nature and its changes. This allows your body to work optimally and bring about balanced energy in a simple way. The concept of living in season has been around for thousands of years and helps to maximise our health and vitality.   Sadly, with the introduction of electricity and our computerised world, we have become disconnected with nature’s natural rhythms. We can stay up into the early hours on our iPads or watching TV, when it is naturally a time for extra rest and quiet, no wonder there are so many people suffering insomnia, going to bed late with such busy brains!

Spring is all about new growth and birth, youth, strength and flexibility, putting plans into action that you’ve been mulling over in the Winter months. In nature, we see Spring lambs, daffodils, tulips, young tender spring greens and start to feel more of a spring in our step with lighter nights and warmer weather. Spring energy moves us forward and upward, and we feel like we want to detox and start a fresh. Here are a few things we can do to flow with the season of Spring:-

  1. Have a good spring clean around the house, garage, shed, loft, under the stairs, wardrobe. Get rid of all those things you’ve been hoarding. Give it to charity, sell it on eBay or use it! Not only will you have more space in your house, it will make you feel lighter, and believe it or not, it will make you head feel lighter too as clutter can affect your mind! Open the windows and let some fresh Spring air into the house.
  2. Detox your thoughts! Work on your personal development and moving your energy forwards and upwards. Negative thinking and dwelling on the past will stop you from getting there. One of the best things to help you move forward is to commit your goals to paper and chunk it down to smaller achievable goals and you’ll get there much more easily. Always keep in mind the bigger picture and never stop dreaming and believing!
  3. Detox your diet, choosing lighter foods, getting rid of the junk and stodgy foods. Choose foods that give you energy and make you feel light and are in season.
  4. Choose exercise that gives you energy, not depletes it. Don’t over-exercise though: too little and too much are not good for you. Get out for a walk, do some light aerobics, fluid yoga like Sun Salutations, Tai Chi, Pilates, something with movements that make you feel uplifted and strong. Work on rooting through your feet to feel strong and balanced. Remember in Spring we talk about “winds of change” so we want to feel rooted. Exercising in the morning is great to do in the Spring and will keep you lifted during the day.
  5. Relationships! I’d better not say too much here about detoxing them! Think about spending more time with those people that inspire you and lift you, and less with those that deflate you and drag your energy down. Sometimes people are just afraid to be happy: life’s too short, so surround yourself with people that you feel nurture you just as nature intended.

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Kev and Karen xx