Revolving Triangle – Parivrtta Trikonasana

The revolving triangle will challenge your balance, co-ordination, strength and flexibility, all in one! Rise to the challenge and pose with Kev!  Please Note, this is an advanced pose and not suitable for beginners or people with back pain.

Why The Revolving Triangle is So Good

This pose is a variation of triangle pose and adds a spinal rotation to it.  It will tone and stretch the entire body, including the waist, back, sides of trunk, inner thighs and backs of legs. It also strengthens the pelvic area.   As with most rotations, it improves digestion as it massages the internal organs and stimulates them to detox through the squeezing, wringing out and releasing action. It will also improve co-ordination and balance

How to do it

  • Stand with feet wide apart (about the width of your inside leg)
  • inhale, turn your left foot to the front and Reach your arms up and out wide
  • Exhale and Rotate your torso to your left leg and bring your right arm towards your left leg and place your hand either inside your foot or outside your foot for a stronger stretch
  • Stretch your left arm up vertically so it forms a straight line with your bottom arm
  • Look up towards your hand
  • Breathe normally for 3 in and out breaths and repeat on the other side


    Revolving Triangle

Here’s another variation: Bound Revolving Triangle, with hands behind the back.

  • Bring the top arm behind your back
  • Thread the bottom arm under your leg and clasp the other hand
  • Hold for 3 breaths.

Bound Revolving Triangle