Palm Slides with Open the Door

This is a great somatic movement if you suffer from rounded shoulders (common in office workers or people who drive a lot).

  1. Lie on your side with knees bent and your arms in line with your chest, bottom arm resting on the floor with the other arm on top, palms together.
  2. Inhale and slide the top palm back along the inner part of the arm – allow your ribs and head to roll with it (do not bend elbow)
  3. Exhale and slide the top palm forward and beyond the fingers of the bottom palm. Allow the movement to come from the shoulder blade.
  4. Inhale and slide the top palm back again, but this time, lift the arm up to draw a rainbow, allowing the top arm to go back towards the floor (you may not be able to get the arm all the way out, just take it as far as is comfortable whilst keeping your shoulder blade on the floor). Ensure that you lead with the shoulder blade, not the arm.
  5. Draw the rainbow back down towards the palm to complete the palm slide.
  6. Repeat x3 on both sides.