New Gentle Somatics and Chi Kung Class in Radcliffe – try for free

I’m really excited to tell you about out new class in Radcliffe-on-Trent….

It’s Gentle Somatics and Chi Kung on Tuesdays (school term-time only), from 11am to 12pm at Radcliffe Hall (this is the white British Legion building in Radcliffe-on-Trent) and we are in the large room on the ground floor.

So what can you expect in the Gentle Somatics and Chi Kung Class?

This a new class based around:

  • Feldenkrais
  • The Alexander Technique
  • Chi Kung (this is related to Tai Chi)
  • Mindful Movement
  • Improving Neuroplasticity (making new neural connections) – this is particularly beneficial if you’ve lost these neural pathways, perhaps due to a trauma/accident/stroke
  • Breathing Exercises

You’ll learn exercises to retrain your brain to release chronic pain, stiffness and discomfort caused by habits (such as sitting at a computer or driving all day), accidents and injuries.

This class is mostly floor-based so that you are not working against gravity.  However there is also some standing/chair Chi Kung (Tai-Chi) to improve balance, spatial awareness and flow.

Try for FREE

The class starts on Tuesday 5th March and you can try your first class for FREE – please get in touch to book your place.   If you can’t make the 5th March, you can try the first class you can attend for free, and then pay for the remaining classes in the term block.

Please bring: 

  • a mat
  • a cushion or pillow
  • a blanket or towel would be useful too as you can roll/fold this to different thicknesses

Is this class for me?

This class is for you if you are looking for a solution to aches, pain and discomfort.  Perhaps you have tried other classes without success.

It’s for you if you are feeling stressed and want to relax and take back control of your mind and body.

It’s for you if you want to improve your sport and recover from injury more quickly.

It’s for you if you are a dancer, and it can improve your singing as well!

It’s for you if you simply want to move and feel better.

So what are you waiting for?  Contact Karen today.

Click on the picture below to read what some of our Somatic Yoga students say…

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