Love is in the air! Or is it?

Valentine’s Day always seems to be focused around loving a significant other romantically. But what about us, what about loving ourselves? We are all born with unconditional love hardwired within us. As babies we laugh and smile and love just because we want to. Fear is something that we learn from conditioning from outside influences.
When you look in the mirror, do you truly love the person looking back at you, just the way you are? Or do you shy away from looking because you think it’s a weird, selfish hippy thing to do? Perhaps you find it difficult to look because all you can see is everything negative, every fault you feel you have…

For other people around you to truly love and respect you, you must first learn to love yourself unconditionally, warts and all. If you’ve ever been abroad, the flight attendants will always instruct you to put on your oxygen mask before going to the aid of vulnerable others!

If you’re always running around looking after everybody else’s needs, neglecting yourself and feeling guilty if you have some ‘me’ time, it’s time for a rethink! How can you look after and love others if you don’t care for yourself first? This is not being selfish; ‘me’ time isn’t a guilty pleasure which you berate yourself for afterwards.

Here are 5 top self-love tips for you in time for Valentine’s Day ❤️
1. Get your diary out and book something in for yourself every day, even if it’s only 20 minutes for a coffee with a friend, reading a book, taking a leisurely bath or something that makes you feel good inside. Not time on Facebook! Plus once a month, push the boat out and maybe have a whole day or weekend doing things for yourself.
2. Let go of feeling guilty spending time on you. Don’t be the one that always says yes to everything. Say “No” more often
3. Take good care of your health: eat good natural food and exercise regularly, your body is the only place you have to live!
4. Accept compliments enthusiastically.
5. When you decide to give a gift – whether it’s a specially-bought present or your time – give it unconditionally because you want to, not because you think you have to, or you’re expecting something back!

Namaste. Big love everyone
Kev and Karen xx