How you can help your posture and the way you use (and misuse) your body

You’ve probably heard of The Alexander Technique… but did you know that it can help greatly with your posture and the way you habitually use (or misuse) your body? It can also help reduce and/or eliminate your pain.

The Alexander Technique teaches you to move your body in a more efficient and natural way. It’s a Somatic practice which, once learnt, can put you in charge of your own healing journey. Tight muscles are released, allowing better function of joints and a more flexible and lengthened spine.

These slow mindful movements can be extremely effective in helping with Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis, relieving joint pains, tiredness, anxiety and depression associated with pain and helplessness.

The Alexander Technique is one of the techniques, along with Feldenkrais, mindful movement and somatic movements, you will learn in our classes. Give it a go, you’re only as young as your spine is flexible! Go back to doing the hobbies and living the life you love!

Every week during school term-time, we have three Somatics classes to choose from:

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