Help for Deskworkers and Texters

Do you work in an office or use your phone a lot?

We often wonder how we ever managed without our phones, and whilst there’s no doubt how helpful it is being able to contact people when you want (most of the time!) and having the entire web at your fingertips, it does cause problems for our bodies.  Your head weighs between 8 and 12 pounds and was designed to sit on top of the little peg at the top of your spine.  Driving, working at a laptop or computer and texting or surfing the web on your phone shift your body out of alignment: your shoulders round forwards and your head pokes further forward.    This can lead to tension in your upper back, neck and shoulders as your body works hard to compensate for this misaligned posture.

Ideally, you need to look at how you are sitting and working, but take five minutes out of your day to do these yoga postures to help with that tension and discomfort in your upper body.  They can be done standing or sitting.  Don’t be alarmed if you hear clicking and popping, but stop if you feel pain.

Neck head rolls

  • Drop your chin towards your chest and roll head across chest towards your right shoulder and circle your head around slowly towards your left shoulder.  Continue the movement so that your chin returns to the chest again, and then circle round in the opposite direction
  • Do not try to force your head back at the top.  Repeat 5/10 times.

Seated side lateral flexion

  • Take your right arm over the side of your head as if grasping your left ear
  • Gently draw your right ear towards your right shoulder and hold
  • Repeat on other side.

Neck flexion

    • Interlace your fingers and place them at the base of your skull.
    • Draw your elbows forward and slowly draw your chin to the chest (your elbows should point downwards towards the floor). Feel the stretch at the back of your neck
    • Slowly turn your head to look down towards your right knee/foot and hold
    • Slowly come back to centre and then turn to the Left and hold.

Chair yoga chest opener

  • Clasp your hands behind your back and draw them back and down as you lift your chest up and out.
  • Slowly look upwards.