Cyclists, Are you ready for the new Season?

So, Christmas and New Year are fast becoming a distant memory, and the nights are just about beginning to draw out. A little bit anyway.

Your thoughts may be turning towards the new cycling season ahead. Whether you will be racing, taking part in Sportives or charity rides, or just nipping out for sunny social rides with friends, you’re probably beginning to fettle your bike.

Spending time checking your brakes and tyres, cleaning the winter grime off the chain and groupset, making sure the gears are indexing correctly, and making all manner of little alterations in readiness for another summer of cycling action.

You may even have your bike professionally serviced, just to give you that added confidence that, come the inaugural ride out, you are not left at the roadside disappointed and frustrated (not to mention stranded).

You’ve probably invested in new kit too so that you and your bike look the part as you take to the open road.

So, your bike’s ready, your kit’s ready, what about you? What state are you in? Whether you’ve been pounding out the miles through everything winter can throw at you, or whether you’ve been sitting it out since the autumn, maybe you need to invest in yourself to make sure you are as well prepared as your bike and kit is.

Imagine the scene… you wheel your pristine, newly serviced bike out of the garage, bedecked in your cycling finery, only to pull something, either your back or a hamstring as you swing your leg over the bike for the first time. Nightmare!

So, how can you avoid this catastrophe? Simple, why not try our Yoga for Cyclists classes. We have a daytime class in West Bridgford, and an evening class in Bingham (see the Yoga timetable on our website at for details). The classes are aimed specifically at cyclists to address the physical issues that cycling causes in the body, as well as helping develop more efficient breathing practices and improving mental focus.

In addition to Yoga for Cyclists, we at the Mind & Body Consultants offer physical assessments to check whether you may have any muscular or joint restrictions which could prevent you adopting an efficient and comfortable riding position. This can also prevent any existing issue deteriorating into an injury which could cause you to miss out on your cycling fix. Heaven forbid!

We also offer pre and post event massage sessions to make sure you are in your best possible physical shape to tackle whatever challenge you undertake, and to help you make a full recovery from your exertions as quickly and completely as possible.

Take advantage too of our special £10 off your first appointment and get your body in tip top cycling shape – contact us to book.