Dates for Yoga and Somatics Classes – September 2018 to July 2019

You’ve probably seen that our classes restart on Wednesday 5th September 2018 – please visit (and bookmark)  for class dates and prices.

We’ve included the info below for you too.

Term Dates and Prices for Yoga and Somatics Classes

Classes run as a block and follow the Nottinghamshire County Council school terms (with the occasional class during the school holidays) – class dates are listed below.  Following the school terms means that some blocks will therefore have classes running for 5 weeks, some 6, some 7 and some 8 weeks.  We ask you to pay for all the classes in each block at the first class (or the first you attend).

If you cannot attend your regular class, you can attend one of our other classes (subject to a space being available) – please speak to us.

Please take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page about our classes – this includes more information about catch-up classes, saving your space and if you’re a shift worker

Class Dates for Summer Half-Term 2 (until the summer break)

Cost for the term: £64

  • Monday 3rd June to Monday 22nd July inclusive (8 weeks).
    Please note that the 8pm East Bridgford class on 3rd June only will be at Carnarvon Primary School in Bingham
  • Tuesday 4th June to Tuesday 23rd July inclusive (8 weeks)
  • Wednesday 5th June to Wednesday 24th July inclusive (8 weeks)

We start back after the summer break on Monday 2nd September.

You can view our Yoga and Somatic Yoga class timetable here.

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