How You Can Beat The Winter Blues

Did you know that you have your own natural internal pharmacy that is aligned to Nature? Read on to see how you can beat the winter blues!

In Chinese medicine, the time of Winter is about aligning with nature through the Element of Water. It’s the coldest time of year so the perfect time for cosy nights in wrapped up near the fire. The trees are bare and it’s a time of rejuvenation, reflection, tranquility, contemplation and re-charging your batteries so you can be ready to spring into Spring!

Some of you may feel sensitive and emotional or have a need for stillness and periods of solitude – it’s quite normal to feel like this. It’s a time for going deeper, maybe facing our fears and regaining courage and trust. Allow yourself to go with the flow more and don’t struggle so much against life. You never know what you might discover, maybe something new, exciting and meaningful!

10 Tips to help you through Winter and balance the energies

  1. Rest! It’s ok to take a nap. Just 10-20 minutes can really energise you. Have a lie-in, stay in your PJs for a morning (or a day)! Sit by the fire and read a book. Avoid becoming overtired and over-stressing your adrenal glands, which sit on your kidneys.
  2. Avoid cold or damp environments. Keep warm, protect your kidneys and bladder (these organs are associated with the Water element).
  3. Say NO more often to things you don’t want to do that tire you. That means no to people who exhaust you too!
  4. Don’t work late on tablets, computers, phones etc. The light keeps our brains alert because we think it’s daylight (when we should be winding down for sleep). Before the advent of electric light, we rested after the light had gone in Winter and worked and played longer in the Summer!
  5. Eat foods in season – soups, stews, roasts, lots of root vegetables, plenty of warm liquids, plus warming ginger and garlic too.
  6. Reflect and re-evaluate your life – look deeper. Find out what you want and it’s then easier to set goals as they will align with the true, deeper you!
  7. The meridians (energy lines) associated with the element of Water are our kidneys and Bladder, so less stress, more rest – cultivate patience. Water is linked to our bodily fluids and is regulated by the Kidneys and Bladder. Water also helps our brains to function better, flushes away toxins and keeps our skin looking youthful and smooth.
  8. Avoid stimulants to keep you going, you are going against your natural rhythms. Drink plenty of warming fluids – try ginger/chamomile tea.
  9. Do some enjoyable slow exercise such as yoga, Pilates, Chi-Kung, Tai-Chi, relaxation, meditation. Or get wrapped up and go for a walk.
  10. Give yourself some space for privacy to connect with your own deeper wisdom.

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