Kev Green

IMG_1741Kev began his yoga practice about 10 years ago having experiencing spasmodic periods of back pain since the age of 17.   At the age of 42, it took a turn for the worse and he had to take several months off work from his job as a policeman. At times his back was so painful, especially in the mornings, he could hardly bend over the sink to brush his teeth.   He went to see a specialist and was given the diagnosis of Spondilylothesis (a crack in the vertebrae), two trapped nerves and disc compression.   He was then moved from an active job to a desk job.

Kev had been a keen sportsman over the years, enjoying regular squash and weight training.  Although he could see his partner Karen’s improvement after her car accident thanks to yoga, he took a bit more persuading to take up the practice himself.

He thought, like a lot of people, that Yoga was not going to be challenging enough and would not live up to his expectations of squash and weight-training.   He finally agreed to join a class on the proviso that he “stuck it out for the six week course and if he didn’t like it, it wouldn’t be mentioned again!”.

He stayed for more than the six weeks and loved it so much that he trained to become a teacher himself with the Shanti Yoga School. He realised that the missing ingredient from his earlier sporting years was to stretch the tissues of his body and decompress his spine.   He now enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with his students and can empathise with anyone who is suffering pain and discomfort.

Kev’s mobility, flexibility, strength and view of life have taken a major turning point and he is enjoying following this life changing path.     He will tell you he is not totally pain free and still suffers some occasional discomfort, but not on the same excruciating level.

The difference is now he has the tools to do something about it himself, and he believes that each and every one of us is an expert in knowing what the body and mind truly wants and needs.

Kev is also a Full Movement Practitioner and holds a Diploma in Remedial Massage with the Midland School of Massage and Manipulative Therapy, and has spent several years working as a Gym Instructor.    He is also a Second degree Reiki Healer in the Usui System of healing.

For relaxation, his hobbies include reading spiritual books, yoga, walking, entertaining family and friends and his passion is motorcycling.

Kev took the decision to resign from his job of 24 years as a Police Officer to pursue his passion for teaching and healing and devote his time with Karen to expand the Holistic Business into a Consultancy.

He continues to learn and grow, and hopes his story will inspire many of you to join him with these holistic practices.