Karen Green

IMG_1743Karen’s experience spans over 35 years in the Health and Fitness Industry, ranging from Fitness Instructor and former National Karate Champion and European Silver Medallist, to treating injuries, aches and pains.   She is an Advanced Remedial Yoga Teacher, Somatic Movement Educator and Tai-Chi Teacher, and understanding the mind also can have a great impact on our physical and mental well-being, Karen has also trained as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, which she includes in her classes and one-to-ones.

Following a road traffic accident, Karen suffered considerable pain and discomfort which resulted in a loss of career and sporting ventures.  She was then introduced to Yoga and Tai-Chi and received remedial massage treatment for her injuries.   These practices soon became her precious tools used to aid her recovery, offering her a new career and new outlook on life.

She trained as a yoga teacher with the Shanti Yoga School, and undertook Advanced Remedial Training with them too, plus holds a Chi-Kung Certificate, Remedial Massage Certificate, International Institute of Sports Therapists certificate and Full Movement Method Practitioner (although she no longer offers treatments as is focusing on other areas of the business). She is also a Reiki Master in the Usui System too.  Following trouble with a frozen shoulder, she discovered Somatic Movement (it retrains the brain to release chronic pain!) and now offers Somatic Movement Education classes and one to ones.

A lifelong ambition was achieved in 2005 when she organised a trip to China with 16 students, visiting the famous Wudan Mountain, where she also received training with a Chinese Master in the Wudan Form.   She has trained and learnt from many prestigious teachers including Sensei Shiro Asano,  Kanazowa, Kenny Johnson,  Mick Humphries, Kevin Spencer, Savita,  Michael Pook, Phaedra Cobb, Andy Thomas, Al Simon (Cloudwater), Professor Mike Symonds and many more.   Most of all, Karen thanks all of her students for being her teachers.

Karen is married to Kevin, who also shares her enthusiasm in yoga and holistic health and runs Mind & Body Consultants with her. They have four grown up daughters, Claire, Heather, Kimberlie and Charlotte, and grandson Loic and granddaughter Fearne.  Karen enjoys reading self development and spiritual books, walking, yoga, chi-kung, tai-chi, design, cooking, motorcycling and spending time with family and friends.

Karen is dedicated to expanding her knowledge and commitment by regularly updating her skills, to ultimately share with her students to help them evolve physically, mentally and spiritually.