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Mind & Body Consultants, run by Karen and Kev Green, has been providing the best in holistic healthcare since 1999, and thanks to our range of therapies and classes, we can help to restore you to full health, both mentally and physically.

Our ethos is to help you look after your body, mind and spirit in the most natural way.  Our Yoga and Move it or Lose It classes are great exercise, and can even help if you have specific health problems. Somatic Movement is a safe and easy way to reverse chronic tightness and pain; it engages your brain and teaches it how to re-educate the muscles to let go of chronic tension brought about by habits, injuries or accidents.

Kev can help with injuries, aches and pains with a Pain Relief treatment, and also offers pre and post event sports massage.  We can offer daytime or evening appointments at our clinic in Newton.

All our therapies and products will help you to transform, but ultimately you will still be you, only better….

Enjoy, Kev and Karen x

To read more about Karen click here.

To read more about Kev, click here.

If you are injured or in pain, we can help

If you’re suffering from aches, pains or injuries, or little niggles that you can’t get rid of, Full Movement Method treatments with Kev may be able to help you.  Read more about this unique method of resolving muscle and joint problems, pain and immobility here.  We also offer sports and remedial massage.

Yoga classes, Move It or Lose It classes and 1 to 1 Somatic Movement

For Yoga & Move It or Lose It, see the full class timetable here. on our Somatics 1 to 1 Movement options click here.

Come to one of our weekly classes during the day or the evening  – great exercise and it could help if you suffer from chronic back pain, for example: a study published in The Annals of Internal Medicine found that yoga is more effective at alleviating lower back pain than conventional medicine (156 patients with recurrent low back pain were prescribed a 12 week yoga course, and compared to a control group of 157 sufferers).  Proof of what we’ve known all along!

Relax on a retreat with us

We run regular holistic retreats that will help you to unwind and chill out.  Just imagine practising yoga, Tai-chi and meditation outside. Here’s how Becky from Bingham feels about her Retreat Day with us:-

Hi Karen & Kev, I want to thank you both for a fantastic day of yoga and meditation.  The Eco-Education Centre is a perfect place for a one day retreat, I will certainly recommend it to all my friends. You both did a brilliant job.  Once again thank you for a total day of relaxation, I now feel extremely chilled!”

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